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color zoom

Hairdressers need inspiration and new ideas. For this reason, Goldwell annually presents the trend-collection COLOR ZOOM, showing haircuts and styles that are influenced by the latest developments in fashion, art and culture. The yearly task: development of a new concept, planning and realization of film- and photoshoots, design oft he trend book and accompanying promotional material (billboards, adverts, give-aways ...).

color zoom 13

beautify your life

Rarely has a fashion trend been this easy going and rich in it’s diversity: i’s all about making the world a more worthwhile place to live though sheer optimism and positive thinking. The trend itself started with a creative movement, which originated in small urban communities and then the main message has taken catwalk and fashion centers by storm: BEAUTIFY YOUR LIFE!

the lookbook

TREND CONCEPT / TREND SHOOT/FILM / TREND BOOK   —   CLIENT: GOLDWELL   —   2013 @ mcgarrybowen dentsu network

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